The Outreach Team

The WINopoly Project outreach team of partners and volunteers host monthly

workshops to educate & promote home ownership, transitioning from apartment 

living to homeownership, business opportunities, leadership skills, motivational training, 

business management & development skills, health and wellness, and more. 

 This program is available to all women. These meetings promote good people and community relations through

 the networking opportunities just by attending the workshops. We also do a post evaluation 

program after the workshop is completed to evaluate the effects of the program. 

Why Us?

We help women by serving as a conduit for caring members of the community to effectively assist women through the steps to become business owners, new homeowners, resolve tax matters, restore credit, improve health, or just need a community of supporters to overcome adversities.

We develop fundraising activities to assist organizations that provide services and outreach programs for women that need to get their lives back on track or just develop the lifestyle they desire. There are many benefits of the community services and outreach programs we provide with our partners.

The WIN projects create an environment of love through volunteerism and relationship building activities. They also restore a since of pride to displaced and victimized women.

​This outreach program is focused on the results, the lives we change, and the communities we help shape. 

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Project Set-up
  • Maintenance & Clean-Up
  • Marketing & Ticket Sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Food Server
  • Host/Hostess
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Partnership Sales
  • Decorations
  • Information Tables
  • Clerical
  • Event Coordinator
  • Fundraising
  • Project Manager
  • Focus Group
  • Workshop

Professional Enhancement Development

An Outreach Program For Women

P. E. D. 

The PED program for women was developed to provide an outlet for young women and girls to understand the importance of providing community service in their own neighborhoods and to work within the community. The participants are also taught how important it is to help people that are less fortunate than themselves.  This program helps young women and girls build character, morale, and leadership awareness which helps them to make a commitment to change their lives and to love themselves.  Through this program we provide bus trips, weekend getaways, cruise events, and networking opportunities to keep the women in the PED program encouraged. 

Relationship Building

We encourage participation in focus groups, volunteering, and youth/senior collaboration projects.

Are you interested in volunteer opportunities?

Get in touch with us via email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

The WINopoly Project Volunteer Team